Fisher Black MBA Living Legends Series: Shartia Brantley - Shared screen with gallery view
Robert Hubbard
Let's go Rams!
Sandyvel Lopez Zeledon
Hi all, thank your for being here! Please use the Q&A function to submit your question for Shartia.
Cynthia Turner
You have to be willing to bet on yourself. Love it.
David Harrison
Shartia, we are proud of you and your success. Indeed, you are an amazing corporate executive. Your strength and courage is commendable. Sharing your great wisdom and advice today has been sincerely valued and appreciated. Thank you!
Cynthia Turner
Ask her to speak on how the role of allies have played throughout her career.
Cynthia Turner
Also, how did she manage her experience at Fox network throughout the social unrest of the last four years?
Danielle Alexander-Smith
This is such a wonderful talk, thank you Shartia, Bria, and Sandyvel, I am glad to be here. It is so encouraging to hear about a career change from business to journalism/writing. Is the virtual Equality Summit open to the public?
Danielle Alexander-Smith
Thank you!